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At Aequitas Security Solutions, we prioritize your safety and peace of mind. With our vigilant presence, you can experience an elevated level of security and confidence.

Our dedicated team is committed to safeguarding your interests and creating a secure environment. Whether it’s your home, business, or special event, we provide comprehensive security solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Choose Aequitas Security Solutions for reliable protection and enjoy the peace of mind you deserve. Trust in our expertise to keep you and your assets safe.
Aequitas Security Solutions Armed Response 24/7 hour, alarms, cctv, guarding

Armed Response

Our security team is top-notch with registered and carefully selected Armed Response officers.

Equipped with advanced live tracking systems, our vehicles provide real-time updates on their locations. This allows us to quickly dispatch the nearest vehicle, ensuring a prompt response.

We seamlessly integrate monitoring and armed response services, combining cutting-edge technology with our dedicated and well-trained team. Count on us to deliver comprehensive security solutions for your peace of mind.

Aequitas Security - Team Aequitas - Armed Response - Intervention Unit

Tactical Response Unit

Our incredible Tactical Response Team swiftly resolves critical incidents with speed and effectiveness. They are dedicated, highly trained, and excel in handling tough situations.

No matter the intensity, our team remains composed and delivers outstanding results under pressure. They are prepared to handle any scenario, making quick decisions to ensure safety.

With rapid deployment as our priority, we waste no time in reaching where we're needed. Our zero-tolerance policy for security breaches ensures swift and effective response to threats and emergencies.

Aequitas Security Solutions Armed Response 24/7 hour, alarms, cctv, guarding

Armed Escorts

Introducing our High-Value Cargo Protection services!

Whether you're moving jewelry, antiques, computer chips, or sensitive corporate documents, we recognize the constant and evolving threat posed by sophisticated criminals.

Rest assured, our highly trained armed personnels will provide top-notch security by escorting your vehicle from the depot to its final destination, ensuring the safe delivery of your valuable cargo.

Aequitas Security Solutions, Tracking services

Vehicle Tracking & Recovery

With our powerful and efficient Car Tracking App, we offer unparalleled tracking and monitoring services for your vehicles.

Here's what you can expect:
Real-Time Location Tracking: Stay informed with real-time visibility of your delivery trucks, knowing their precise location at all times.

Historical Tracking: Trace the routes and delivery points your trucks have visited, giving you valuable insights into their movements.

Geozones Creation: Set up geozones and receive instant alerts and notifications if your trucks deviate from their designated delivery points, ensuring enhanced security and control.

Trust us to provide you with the cutting-edge technology and features you need to effectively track and manage your fleet.

Aequitas Security Solutions, Guarding Services

Guarding Services
Armed & Unarmed

With Aequitas Security Guards on site, your property, employees, clients, and security needs are not only met but exceeded. Our highly trained armed guards and our stellar reputation ensure top-notch protection.

For safeguarding your property, tenants, or personal/business assets, our unarmed guards are here for you. We meticulously select and deploy our most qualified security personnel, so you can trust us to keep your assets safe.

At Aequitas, we are dedicated to providing you with the utmost service excellence. We hold ourselves to high expectations because you, our valued clients, deserve nothing less than the best.

Team Aequitas Security, Guarding Services, Event Services, Event Gaurding

Event Security

From corporate conferences to concerts, sports events, and special occasions, Aequitas Security Solutions knows the significance of creating a safe environment for your events. Our event security services are customized to meet your unique requirements.

With a focus on access control and risk mitigation, we prioritize the safety of your attendees. Our use of advanced technology and proactive strategies ensures reliable security solutions.

Choose Aequitas Security Solutions for your event security needs and enjoy a secure and successful event. Leave the details to us while you focus on making lasting memories.

Aequitas Security Solutions, control Room, CCTV, Camera

Control & Command Centre

At the core of our security infrastructure lies our Control & Command Centre, diligently overseeing operations and empowering our security staff to respond proactively to alerts and threats.

When you and your staff leave for the night, you can trust that your commitments and hard work are in good hands. Our security control room stands ready to ensure the continuous protection of your assets. With round-the-clock monitoring, our dedicated staff keeps a watchful eye on every security guard, their equipment, and the sites and systems they safeguard.

Aequitas Security Solutions, CCTV, Cameras

License Plate Recognition
Camera Division

Our License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology employs optical character recognition to read vehicle registration plates, generating accurate vehicle location data. Using advanced techniques like license plate position tracking, character segmentation, and recognition, it automatically identifies license plate numbers and associated information.

With real-time detection and capture, our LPR system compares the captured license plate to a predefined list. If a match occurs, it promptly takes necessary action, such as generating alerts when the license plate is on the predefined blacklist. Experience the efficiency and enhanced security provided by our LPR technology.

Aequitas security solutions, k9 unit, k9 services

K9 Unit

Our K9 companions bring an added level of protection to your business, enhancing our operational capabilities across various assignments. From asset protection to specialized search tasks like narcotics and explosives detection, as well as crowd control, our canine team plays a crucial role.

With their exceptional ability to swiftly and accurately identify individuals or substances, our selected canines empower our security officers to proactively respond to potential threats.

This allows us to effectively manage and escalate situations, apprehend intruders, detain suspects, and conduct thorough searches of individuals, bags, or vehicles. By leveraging our canine capability, our officers can detect and intercept threats more effectively, safeguarding you and your business.

Aequitas Security Solutions, Investigation, polygraph

Investigations & Polygraph

Investigative solutions are invaluable to every organization. Regardless of the industry, both external and internal threats can have severe consequences if left unaddressed.

Effective corporate investigations play a crucial role in uncovering security issues, identifying wrongdoing, and mitigating risks for your organization.

Polygraph examinations, also known as lie detector tests, measure physiological responses like heart rate, blood pressure, and skin conductivity to assess truthfulness. Although not admissible as evidence in many legal systems, polygraphs serve as valuable tools for gathering information, corroborating testimonies, and identifying potential deception.

Incorporating polygraph examinations into our investigative solutions adds an extra layer of analysis to uncover security issues, identify wrongdoing, and mitigate risks for your organization. Our experienced examiners follow strict protocols, utilizing the latest techniques for reliable and accurate examinations.

Aequitas Security Solutions, Technical Services

Technical Division

At Aequitas, our extensive expertise in this field ensures that our system designs are both cost-effective and of the highest quality. We take a professional approach to implementing diverse solutions from leading manufacturers, resulting in customized designs that cater specifically to the unique needs of each client.

Our comprehensive range of technical services includes:

• Panic Systems
• Alarm Systems
• Gate Motors
• Intercom Systems
• Biometric or Tag Systems
• Boom Gate Systems
• CCTV Cameras
• 24/7 Monitored Camera Solutions in our dedicated Control and Command Centre

Count on us to deliver tailored and reliable technical solutions to meet your security requirements.

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