Everybody feels more secure in the knowledge that Aequitas Security Solutions is keeping a keen eye on their safety and interests.

Armed Response

All Armed Response officers are registered with PSIRA and undergo a strict selection process before being employed.

Our fleet of vehicles have state of the art live tracking systems that provide our control room staff with an exact position of each vehicle. This ensures a fast dispatch, with the closest vehicle to the activation being sent, reducing the response dramatically. Our monitoring and armed response services are closely integrated and combine hi-tech solutions with dedicated manpower that is there when you need us.

Tactical Response Unit

Our Tactical Response Team can be activated to respond within a short period of time to any type of critical incident and consist of dedicated personnel that are highly trained and experienced.

They are able to perform under extreme pressure.

Rapid deployment and a zero tolerance.

Armed Escorts

High Valuable Cargo Protection

Whether you are transporting jewellery, antiques, computer chips or sensitive corporate documents they are all targeted by an even expanding and sophisticated criminal element.

Our armed members will escort the vehicle from your depot to point of delivery.

Vehicle Tracking & Recovery

We provide comprehensive electronic tracking solutions.
We track and monitor your vehicle at all times and from all locations using our powerful and efficient Car Tracking App.

- Real Time Location Tracking
Gain real time visibility of delivery trucks and know their exact location.

- Historical Tracking
Track & trace the routes or delivery points that trucks have been to.

- Creation of Geozones
Receive alerts and notifications when trucks deviate from their designated delivery points.

License Plate Recognition
Camera Division

License Plate Recognition (LPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition on images to read vehicle registration plates to create vehicle location data. It can automatically recognize vehicle license plate numbers and other related information using the technology of license plate position tracking, character segmentation and character recognition.

It automatically detects and captures license plate in real time and compares to a predefined list, then takes appropriate action such as generating an alert once the license plate is on the predefined blacklist.

Guarding Services
Armed and Unarmed

When Aequitas Security Guards are on location, you can rest assured that your property, employees, clients and all of your security needs are being met, and surpassed. Our armed guards have gone through very vigorous training programs and we have an excellent reputation.

Our unarmed guards will protect your property, your tenants, or you and your business assets. You can trust us to send our most qualified security guards to keep your assets safe.

We strive to provide our customers with the best service possible. We set our expectations high because you, our clients, deserve nothing less than the best.


All organizations benefit from investigative solutions. No matter the industry - external or internal threats can pose dire consequences when left unchecked.

When corporate investigations are done well, it can uncover situations that impact security, identify wrongdoing and mitigate risks for your organization.

We can scale our investigations to suite your needs.

Control & Command Centre

Our Control & Command Centre is at the heart of our security infrastructure, continuously monitoring operations and helping our security staff to proactively react to alerts and threats.

When you and your staff go home for the night, you want to know that your promises and all your hard work is being looked after, That's where our security control room comes in. Every one of our security guards, their equipment and the sites and systems they protect are being monitored 24/7 by the dedicated staff in our control room.

Technical Division

Our depth of knowledge within this marketplace guarantees that our system designs are cost-effective and of the highest quality. Aequitas's professional approach to implementing different solutions from a variance of market-leading manufacturers means that each system is bespoke in design, and tailored to the needs of each individual client.

Our technical services include:
- Panic Systems
- Alarm Systems
- Gate Motors
- Intercom Systems
- Biometric or Tag Systems
- Boom Gate Systems
- CCTV Cameras
- Camera Solutions monitored 24/7 in our dedicated Control and Command Centre

K9 Unit

Our canine (K9) companions add a new dimension to how we protect your business, providing critical operational support for a range of assignments including asset protection, specialist search (Both for narcotics and explosives) and crowd control.

With the ability to identify a person or substance, quickly and effectively, our canine selection allows our security officers to respond to the threat proactively.

We can then escalate and manage the situation, apprehend or detain an intruder, or search a person, bag or vehicle. In either case, our canine capability allows our officers to better detect and intercept the threat before it affects you or your business.