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Here at Aequitas we truly believe that every business is unique and so are their security requirements. Our ability to understand this and shape out business to create the best solution is our greatest asset. We are more than just a security company. Our service unifies people and technology to offer a truly unique security solution which is tailored to the needs of each individual client.

We believe in creating long lasting security partnerships with our clients and strive to add value and innovation at every turn. Every minute of every day, Aequitas Security can provide you with superior business security service that are ready to serve and protect, regardless of what the time it is.


Johan Potgieter
Managing Director

Johan Potgieter has been an active firearms owner since 1995 when his passion for the sport was first recognized. He has served in the law enforcement sector for several years and began his initial training as early as 2000 after being selected as a member of a team of SAPS trained members to complete SWAT Training. He was awarded best marksman and student during this time. Johan was exposed to many facets of the industry and allocated to armed escorting, high-risk response services and tracking and recovery of stolen vehicles. Extensive practical field work exposure and the understanding of day to day challenges that normal civilians face has been the driving force behind his passion for the industry. To expand on his already impressive portfolio Johan is a qualified CQC and Krav Maga Instructor.

Etienne Louw

Etienne Louw’s passion for the law enforcement industry started at an early age. Etienne is a highly skilled and qualified operator With many years of experience. In 2007 Etienne embarked on his law enforcement career receiving intensive training from various specialised institutions. He is extensively experienced in numerous fields such as escorting of valuable cargo and assets, VIP protection of clients including government officials and affluent and influential families and business executives. Etienne's training and knowledge include but not limited to CQB CQC Hand-to-Hand combat, Air- cargo security, tactical extractions and fire arm instructor.

Samson Makhoba

Samson started in the industrial security division at Goldfields Mines in 1989. He then changed to the industrial and housing division in 1993 until present. Samson is mostly dedicated in armed response, armed escorting and escorting of highly protected cargos. In 1995 Samson’s passion for armed response kicked off, he started off as a mere junior protection officer and worked himself up to senior protection officer. We are proud to say that Samson has more than 20 years of experience in the security industry, in his own words: “Each day we are still learning more about the industry as it changes on a daily basis.”

Our Core Values & Guiding Principles

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